Trust Yourself

Posted by Hobbit - September 14th, 2020

Gandalf The Grey

 “Evil will be drawn to you from outside the fellowship. And, I fear, from within you must trust yourself. Trust your own strengths.” ~Gandalf

It’s the day the Lord has made; a day of rest, Yet here in Middle America we Hobbit’s find ourselves being attacked from all sides. Gandalf said it best in the quote above that evil will come at us from both those we know and those we don’t! I have found this to be utterly and disappointingly true especially regarding our Twitter families!

We are in the fight of our lives right now and our faith is being tested every day. It is natural as caring and social spirits having a human experience that we develop strong feelings for those we spend an inordinate amount of time with! We battle together, we commiserate together, we laugh, and we cry together. We care for each other fiercely! Most of us Americans are inherently kindhearted and generous to a fault… therein lies our vulnerability.

I say most of us because nothing is ever all one way and I say our kindhearted and generous nature is a vulnerability because that’s how we usually get taken advantage of! Twitter is one of the worst venues for those who are genuinely trusting, kindhearted, and generous to a fault.

Twitter for most of us is about uniting together to support our great President, Donald J Trump! To support him and candidates that will also support him! For others however there are a plethora of motivations that have only division and graft as an agenda! They are sometimes obvious in there agenda but are also nefarious and professionally devious in their approach..vengeful in continuing their Con.

The obvious BimBots DM nudes, the grifters send pleas for help [gift cards] or vows of wanting to be “great friend” from the peacekeeping force in Syria or Africa, and then there are those who know many of us don’t fall for that. These are the professionally devious and vengeful in their pursuit of their goal.

They befriend and gain your trust, they have plenty of time, they learn your cares and they play you with them. They are truly well trained and dedicated in their tactics and they take offense when they don’t get the blind loyalty they demand to their cause. They obfuscate, they cry foul, and they draw in others while they assassinate your character to divide those they have now targeted from you! I say like Gandalf said… “trust yourself!”

Trust yourself and your goodness because in the end it is our strength. Trust yourself to courageously accept the mistakes we make as a tool to strengthen ourselves and our love. This kindness and generosity is not as so many think a weakness nor are we fools. I will invite you to consider that the fool is the one who betrays that kind of goodness sentencing themself to a lonely unloved existence. How many times has our good President been taken advantage of, how many in the left did he support over the years? How many of those savagely attack him every day trying to divide him from his base? Would any of us think of him as a fool? Would any of us vote for the sleepy creepy thieving Slow Joe?

Trust yourself…but more importantly forgive yourself and move toward a stronger you, a stronger fellowship, and a stronger campaign to elect our good President! Don’t be distracted by the one time the left joked how Trump supporters would help elect a Democrat! Has it occurred to any of us that some of these cons may be funding the chaos and division we’re seeing all toward the destruction of our great Republic? Let’s stay focused on our goal! No matter what groups we are in we are all fighting for the same end… the re-election of the greatest President we’ve ever seen: Donald J Trump!

Trust yourself!