The Gothmog…🙄

Posted by Hobbit - July 29th, 2020

“The age of men is over! The time of the Orc is at hand…” ~Gothmog

The time, according to the DemonRATS, for Patriots is over! The time for Marxist Globalists is at hand! That’s the message that screams out in that shit show “Barr” Hearing perpetrated by the Dems of the House Judicial Committee yesterday, July 28, 2020. If you were unable to tune in and have missed the highlights just think “Impeachment” investigation and hearings held in Schiffty Schiffs basement bunker!

From the beginning of Gothmog-NoGnad Nadler’s opening statement of the latest Inquisition-like circus throughout every DemonRAT member the main focus was to state their questions as facts leaving no opportunity for the Honorable AG William Barr to respond, refute, or even at one point being denied the common curtesy of taking a 5 minute bathroom break! Each question pertaining to current issues was framed around the catch phrase “peaceful protests” and “Mr Chairman I reclaim my time”!

Fortunately reality and reason were interjected by Congressman Jim Jordon when he played an 8 minute montage of these alleged peaceful protests. Of course the seething DemonRATS we’re appalled that anyone would attempt intellectual honesty as was made evident by Gothmog-Nadler making a statement that Representative-Jordon not “complain about the length of any future statement he [Nadler] might make!” This from the guy who just the day before had made the claim that the riots were “a myth perpetrated by white Supremacist Trump supporters.”

In addition, amid the vitriolic accusations and mis-truths hurled at AG Barr were passionate pleas by Gothmog-Nadler for GOP committee members to wear their masks as his was dangling under his jowls! Representative-Jayapal, a mediocre Goblin at best, was not even aware of the difference between state capital and federal grounds. Mayors unwilling to uphold the rule of law must then step aside for Federal law enforcement to protect and defend the federal properties!

Ultimately this is just another taxpayer funded campaign opportunity for the Socialist DemonRATS! I have pasted the YouTube link to the reprehensible Circus Inquisition for you to access quickly…. warning: keep air sick 😷 bag close at hand… 😒

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  1. admin

    They are all trying to find ways out of court though. including gohmert…

  2. Hobbit

    I’m not sure but Gohmert may be concerned about testing positive for the CHY-Na Cooties… I pray he’s taking the HCQ, Zinc, and Azrythamiacin [dont know if I spelled that right! 😂

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