Worm Tongue Pelosi

Posted by Hobbit - July 25th, 2020

I’ve had a thought for some time now that Speaker Pelosi reminds me of Worm Tongue. The way she slithers around behind the scenes spewing her hateful vitriol about our great President, our great country, and our great people.

She has only referenced our founders when it suited her narrative. She constantly attacks accusing innocent people of the very things she has done and is doing! The wrap up smear may have been talked about by some in the Republican Party but she has actually put it into use from the day she realized Hillary could not win!

Just like Worm Tongue steadily fed lies and division to Theodin she has poisoned people against people in our Republic. It’s time to throw her out and let her stand accountable for the failures in her district and the hate she has sown in America!

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